Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Can we say it's because PEP and Klopp have a style of football attributed to them and he doesn't have one?

Or should we consider the fact that they are both well vast in attacking and defending as player and he was just an attacking minded player?

Or should we take a critical look at the quality of the league and club they've both managed before coming to the Premier League?

Or we should we access the success they've had in the past in terms of major trophy won?

Pep Guardiola is a Spaniard who played as defensive midfielder and also as a deep lying midfielder during his playing days , to play as a defensive midfielder you must be defensively disciplined and as the latter you need to be able to critically read and be reflexively be at alert. Pep was once regarded as the finest player in the U21 category so one could imagine how long he has come this far. This information shows that the former Bayern Munich manager understands the game.  He (Pep Guardiola) made tiki taka  football tactics in which there is frequent,accurate and precise exchange of passed between teammates, in reference to using this tactics he amassed a lot of major trophies within a short period of his time at Barcelona breaking different records as a manager. He continued with his mode of tactics even after he left Barcelona for Bayern Munich, he guided Bayern Munich to seven trophies within the span of three years including a 7-0 aggregate win over his former club Barcelona. The trust people had in him compared to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can be attributed to his success at Barcelona and also his tactics of managing a club that he explored Explored in Barcelona, Bayern Munich and still Manchester City.

Jurgen Klopp, a German, former Dortmund Manager and presently Liverpool first team manager  who was a former main player that was initially used as a striker during his playing days but was later deployed as a defender and went on to play the position for the rest of his career. He has managed Mainz, Dortmund and presently managing Liverpool FC of England. One can easily deduced that Klopp is also properly learned and informed about football because of his defensive and offensive attributes. He's known for the tactics called GENGENPRESSING a style of play that involves running after your opponent as soon as you lose possession without giving them enough window to think about what they'll do with the Ball. He used this tactics successfully during his tenure as Dortmund Manager which gave Dortmund an unprecedented back to back league titles in the years 2010/2011 and 2011/2012. He extended his style of play to England leading Liverpool to 2 European finals and eventually guided them to champions league victory in 2019. His success can be attributed to his background as a footballer which led to his success and thus earning the trust of the club's fans

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, a Norwegian former manager and footballer, currently the manager of the most successful club in English football. He played at Manchester United for 11 years scoring 91 goals during this period. He was a prolific  and as well a goal getter striker. He's only very good at scoring goals , it is very easy to conclude that he only knows how to score goals which can consequently limit his overall overview of all aspects of the pitch compare to either Pep or Klopp, these two are both tactically offensive and defensive in nature making them a more complete player and hence contributed to their success as managers leading to the trust people had in them during their first tenures as managers in the Premiership.
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