Tottenham Hotspur [2] vs [7] Bayern munich [VIDEO HIGHLIGHT]

The most surprising factor in this match is the Gunners Old boy Gnabry - who sees himself as an opportunity to pour an outrage on formal domestic rivalry Tottenham as he scored four distinctive goals. It must have been a very long game for Tottenham has Bayern chose to have scolded them like an Over Playful child in the hands of his/her Mother discipline, despite the fact Bayern Munich came all the way from Germany as a guest to spoil the house party for Tottenham

Pochettino has declared how very upset he and his team are very upset about last night. Here's what he told BT Sport:

I don't need too much time to explain. We played 30 mins well, started well, pressing high. But we were unlucky that we conceded in the first minute of the half.

They were very clinical. After we scored the penalty for two we had chances to score the third. But from the 83rd and 88th minute we conceded three more goals.

In football it can happen. Every single touch went in. We are very disappointed and very upset but we have to stay together. I think we are strong in our mentality.

Maybe you are bored about my speech but football is today not yesterday. It is always is about the show. You have to do it today and tomorrow. It is not about experiences and what happened three months ago.

We are disappointed. Every single touch from Bayern was clinical. They scored with every touch. It is tough to accept. You have to move on.This type of situation you have to face. It is tough and you need to be strong and keep going. Stay together, help each other and be all together. When you receive this type of result it is important to bounce back and believe in yourself. It is the only way to recover.
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