The Super Firmino

If the super eagles of Nigeria are willing to get anything out of their match against the Selecao of Brazil, today, they should be ready at all costs to deny Firmino the grace of exercising his cohesiveness and work rates.

The Liverpool number 9 is not only  known for his technical abilities but also for his  selflessness on the pitch, he has a way of creating space for his teammates by drawing out defenders out of their 18 yard's box thereby leaving space for his other teammates to make exploit, this, he has done on numerous occasions playing for Liverpool.

Also he's the only modern striker that's not known for selfishness in terms of goal scoring, despite the fact that as a centre forward his work is getting the goals but the Brazilian Player with his selflessness always give preferences to his teammates over himself.

With fast and technical abilities of players like Neymar Jr and Gabriel Jesus one could agree that there are similarities in Liverpool's and Brazil's attack and who doesn't know Liverpool's front three on their good days while they still get the job done even when they are not at their best relations.

Firmino has 30 assists in the premier league so far, as a striker, that's quite impressive a stat and he  has 4 goals and assists in his last 6 matches for Brazil.

Also his work rate shouldn't be ignored, he has 224 tackles, blocked 101 shots, made 67 interceptions together with 53 clearance as a striker.

One needs not to be told how deadly Firmino's could pose threats to the Super Eagles if allowed to Roam freely at Singapore city later this afternoon.

I think a player like Ndidi will be a great tool in neutralising this Super Firmino threats with the same football language they speak as England based footballers and with Ndidi's technical abilities,agility, work rate, discipline and latest form.

Gernot Rohr should  at most capitalize on Wilfred Ndidi's strength , expertise and experience to suppress this Firmino's speculated influence.
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