Raheem Sterling

Last night hat trick has recorded Sterling to be at least an Hat trick scorer in the Champions League. This week champions has apparently been flooded with his heart tricks, as in what does he do, how does he do it?

Well, in a moment of appraisal, Raheem sterling physicality and strength exponentially increases everyday with time, his brawn and brains in football keeps developing into the right direction where the notion his to score goals no matter how flawed he could be at times. Sterling that take on the wing role with his natural abilities, technicalities, flexibility and adaptability.  Known for his pace, low centre of gravity, and dribbling skills.

Raheem Sterling has this grace and it is a heart trick towards every other player in his category in play or of  play as he tend to know his pace with the a centre of gravitational forces balancing his run and dribbling ability. With all of these he earned it and Hat trick in the Champions League for the 24 years old England player is an heart trick and a better pick in the league.

Yes! Raheem Sterling rises and he is becoming a daylight superstar despite the fact he is not Messi or Ronaldo, he doesn't even have the qualities to be but legendary self-acquiring device could be Sterling since the no comparisons flavour spiced out lately.

Yes! Sterling is considered to be one of the best wingers in the world and he keeps proving it day by day, match after matches and season after seasons.

It all started from Queens Park Rangers before he signed for Liverpool 2010 having awarded the Golden boy 2014 and a year later he was signed to Manchester City where he met with Pep Guardiola and in no minute he has calved him into a superstar the world wants to see playing.

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