Becoming a Pro

If you want to become a professional football with the state of your living, with the limitation of your surroundings but everyone does need a try out and you do need a try out to prove your worth and make a worthy club knows you worth an asset.

We all know opportunity is the fundamental tool to success just like air or water, if you're to be in the right place at the right time and by so having to do you need chances on various platforms  to prove yourself. Many potentially skilled people just don't  succeed because they lack the connections and opportunities needed to be showcased.

Now, you just have to look into the  thin air and scoured for loop holes and loosed ends to get a date with professional agents and teams around the world.


These are ways to get trials in football:

  • Football Scouts

This is the most common way players get trials. If you play for one of the best teams in your area, your team gets to the finals of a major youth competition or plays in a famous tournament, chances are that scouts will be in attendance watching you. Most top players of current and previous generations got their first chance this way. However there are many factors which determine if a scout ever sees you or not. You would never know who’s watching you, so always give your best.

  • Football Agents

An agents main function is to advertise you to his ‘network’ of scouts and coaches. They are as well people you can get career advice from. In return they receive 10% of your salary and/or an upfront fee.

  • Football Camps
Over the past decade or so, trial days and camps have become a very popular way of getting noticed. Well Organized camps attract Scouts, Managers and Agents  to the camp for Players to be showcased which could be an opportunity to get a trial and be made for life.

  • Email

Making request for a trial date to Clubs through emails though most of it are well ignored with policy ticking. However, if you make your email stand out and try to grab attention, you might just have a chance.

The lower the league the club plays in, the easier it is to get a response, so don’t expect to get a response from the big clubs.

  • Football Coaches/Personal Connections/Mentors

This method is by far the most effective way to get a soccer trial – having a strong relationship with a coach, connection or mentor. This is because they personally know you and how you play. If your coach really believes in you and thinks you can succeed at a higher level, that means they trust you to do well and are already willing to promote you to their network. Trust is by far the hardest thing to build, so use it wisely.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a place where a lot of coaches and players have created profiles however, many of them just create an account and forget about it, or they don’t know how to use it.

LinkedIn can be very effective because it can get you in direct contact with people who can pull strings for you (scouts and directors), or even the decision maker (the person who will decide whether you can get a soccer trial or not).

It’s pretty easy to connect with people on the platform and chances are your message will get read (though don’t count on a response).

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