Since the Hamza Choudhury challenge over Salah in their last game against Leicester City which ended at Liverpool's favour on a 2-1 outcome. It's been a major threat for Liverpool and its Stans - most especially the reactions from Klopp and the Kopites  were so phobic in actions even at that very moment Klopp himself professed Chouldhury almost killed Salah but a recent scan has just keep the Salah coming through from all controversial means for invoking fear into their success stories. The scan revealed Mohamed Salah suffered no major injury following a challenge.

The Kopites are hopeful for the coming through of their Iconic figure because an injury from any player might be detrimental to the squad and this is not just any player but the Almighty Salah whom after all talks and odds that this might be a way of depriving the Reds from achieving the greater good which is the League Title finally came through all injury speculations and rumours.
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