Pep Guardiola

How often does words really count up, it doesn't care either you're the speaker or listener, writer or reader, It counts up real fast and resonates with the deliberation of ideas and reasons.

PEP GUARDIOLA  wrote in his 2014 book of PEP CONFIDENTIAL that:

League titles are lost in the first eight games.

Well, he wrote that book when he saw himself on top of the game, it was out of self pride and impugned to bluff


What should we deduce from PEP CONFIDENTIAL?

Should  Guardiola be taken serious for every words he says about Manchester City hope on still winning this 2019/2020 Premiership Title or should we believe what he has proven to be disproved in his virtual display in the past.

Manchester City are eight points clearly behind Liverpool after just eight games having weighing two heavy lost this season so far.

It was deduced by the Citizen coach PEP GIARDIOLA in 2014 and here we are in 2019 after eight league games we could decide who has lost the race in this trophy according to Guardiola's confidential scripture.

During his curiosity after Wolves snatched  three points at the Etihad Stadium in their last Premiership match that marks eight. He (GUARDIOLA) furiously said:

It was a bad day. The previous games were quite good — even when we lost at Norwich but this was a day when we were not at our level. We started quite well but got a bit nervous. Sometimes it happens. The distance is big. It’s a lot of points, I know that.

Liverpool are not dropping points. But we are in October, there are still a lot of games.,I know these guys — they are still incredible.

But then, Guardiola became incredible when he started hoping back that words could just change as he furthered in attesting that:

League titles are won in the final eight games, but they are lost in the first eight games.

Now, all we hope for is for Liverpool till Match Day 30 to not slip off to their rivals not even for Manchester City to be all they can in a new margin of achievements and word broker. This alone could make Guardiola Incredible at the end if Manchester City wins the title.
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