Series of big summer transfer could still happen with the likes of  Neymar, James Rodriguez and Ousmane Dembele hoping to leave their respective clubs for a greener pasture and clubs like Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain could make things happen in desperate need for change. To be a full alacrity to this change. September 2 has been named and numbered the deadline day for this summer transfer, all clubs in Europe would be shut down the privilege to shape and upgrade their squads in quest for  for the first leg conquest of the season,  I would strongly suggest transfer news would be rumorous before the end of this summer transfer moves. Players that could be caught up in the upcoming news are;


Neymar has been a roar monster lately in the transfer rumours, anymore news concerning Neymar this weekend would be a sound of joy for an expectant club. Barcelona are on the brink to bring the ex-star to the club back while their utmost rival Real Madrid are competing as well to complete the task.


Real Madrid are really keen to bring in the frenchman stated that he as well wants a new challenge as a result. If anything happens to Pogba it would be coming out strong real expensive as Fela's shit though Manchester United  inability to sign a replacement might be an obstacle to keep Pogba in the yard [Old Trafford]


Atletico Madrid and Napoli are keening to bring in the Colobian master though Napoli are not really unto him unlike the rival while Real Madrid proving so lingering to offload James Rodriguez but if should Madrid land Eriksen or Pogba, they might be so open to release James Rodriguez to whomsoever.


Real Madrid are tending to mean business making Erikseen a B plan backing uo Pogba bid.  PSG have emerged as another contender for Eriksen, hiping to splash a 90 million spend on the Tottenham playmaker and Mauricio Pochettino admits he doesn't even know if he will ever play for Spurs again.


Dembele has not much that of what Barcelona expected having making a record signing but lately he has been caught up as a redesignated figure to be included in a bargain trade. Time without numbers Dembele has been offered with cash to PSG in exchange for Neymar.


Since Romelu Lukaku came through for Inter Milian, Icardi must have been thinking to find a way out not to get hooked in an intercompetition with Romelu Lukaku. Juventus, Atletico Madrid and Napoli are  all in this contest to sign him.


Jan Vertonghen has a shaky future in Tottenham after Pochettino declared he no longer needed the defender, the Belgian's fitness levels and refusal to sign a new deal have been blamed on his axing from the first-team picture.
That has alerted Bayer Leverkusen to a potential deal with his boss stating there was "no news" on Vertonghen's future ahead of the game with Arsenal.

Who could move where before the window shuts?

Neymar | PSG to Barcelona
Pogba | Man Utd to Real Madrid
Eriksen | Spurs to Real Madrid
James Rodriguez | Real Madrid to Atletico
Icardi | Inter to Juventus
Dembele | Barcelona to PSG
Vertonghen | Spurs to Leverkusen

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